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Linda Fitch -  Chair of Governors Message:

As a Governing Body, we are dedicated to ensuring the pupils at Longmoor Primary School receive the best education possible. We are committed to continually improve the teaching and learning experience of our children, to ensure the pupils receive a broad, balanced, creative curriculum. We strive to create an environment where pupils can access a wide variety of opportunities to help them achieve their full potential.


Governors are expected to attend full governing body meetings termly and also to participate in one of the committees that feed into the main governing body. We currently have 2 committees that concentrate on the leadership and management of the school, achievement and standards, and the development and well being of our students. The Governing Body adopt, review and monitor a range of policies that govern the operation of the school including Health and Safety, Behaviour, Curriculum, Performance Management and Pay Policy.


Each governor also has a link to a class in school and will meet with the class teacher to monitor progress, celebrate success and discuss curriculum. There is also a link to a curriculum area (e.g. literacy, numeracy) or school policy (e.g. assessment, child protection) so that governors are kept fully informed and these are reported back to the full governing body.


The Governing Body are very proud of the achievements of the school and believe that along with the Headteacher, staff, pupils and parents we are working to ensure all children fulfil their potential and become lifelong learners.


Mrs Linda Fitch, Chair of Governors



The school has 12 Governors and a Clerk to the Governing Body.

All governors have voting rights on the committees on which they sit.

Associate members do not have voting rights.


Appointment of Governors

Headteacher is appointed in the statutory conditions of employment.  

Staff Governor is elected by school staff.

Parent Governors are elected by school parents. 

Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body.

Local Authority Governor is selected and appointed by the Local Authority.

Associate Members are appointed by the Governing Body.


Governors' Term of Office and Attendance




Date of Appointment

Term of Office

Full Governor Meetings Attended


Full Governor Meetings Attended

2017- 2018

Mrs Susan Dainty Headteacher 01.09.2016 N/A 4/4


Mrs Linda Fitch (Chair)

Co-opted Governor


4 Years

4/4 4/5

Mr Roger Wheatley





4 Years 4/4 5/5

Mrs Jackie Littlefair

Co-opted Governor


4 Years 4/4 5/5

Mrs Kathryn McKinley

Co-opted Governor


4 Years 4/4 4/5

Mr Andrew Peck 

Co-opted Governor


4 Years 2/4 4/5

Mrs Ruth Lee  

Co-opted Governor


4 Years 3/4 5/5

Mrs Jane Wright




4 Years 3/3 5/5

Miss Eudora Christian

 Co-opted Governor


4 Years 2/4 5/5
Mr Chris Green



27.09.2017 4 Years N/A 5/5
Mr Brian Heath Associate Member 31.01.2018 4 Years N/A 3/3
Mrs Emma Booth-Rigby Associate Member



4 Years N/A 2/3



TBA 4 Years    
Mrs Liz Purcel



25.04.2018 4 Years N/A 1/2

Mrs Michelle Wenham

Clerk to Governors


No Term



Mrs Samantha Tuck*

Co-opted Governor

17.03.2015 4 Years



Mr Garry Hickton♦



26.02.2013 4 Years 0/2 N/A
Mr David Allen** Co-opted Governor 17.03.2105 4 Years 2/4 N/A
Miss Cassie Hurt***




4 Years




* Mrs Tuck resigned on 11th January 2017.

♦ Mr Hickton resigned on 25th February 2017.

**Mr Allen resigned on 13th July 2017.

***Miss Hurt no longer in post from 31st August 2017 therefore ceased to be staff governor.


Governance Roles within other Educational Institutions 

Mrs McKinley is also a Governor at Corefield Infant School.

Mr Wheatley is also a Governor at Chilwell Secondary School


Annual Governance Statement (Find out about our work at Longmoor in 2014-2015)

Governor Sub – Committees 2017-2018



Teaching, Learning & Community Committee

(Curriculum, SEND, Home/School & Community Links, Monitor Exclusions & Attendance)


Mr Green, Mr Peck, Mrs Littlefair,

Mrs Lee, Mrs Wright, PARENT VACANT

Mrs Booth-Rigby (Associate Member)



Resource Management Committee

(Finance, Personnel, Health & Safety, Premises)


Mrs Fitch, Mr Green, Mrs McKinley,

Mr Wheatley, Miss Christian

Mr Heath (Associate Member)


 Governor Responsibilities 2017-2018




Member of Staff




Safeguarding, Child Protection & Health & Safety

Sue Dainty

Roger Wheatley

SEND, Inclusion &

Children in Care

Gail Bellingham

Eudora Christian


Jamie Slee (KS1) &

Chris Green (KS2)

Ruth Lee


Jamie Slee (KS1) &

Iyan Bunhejee (KS2)

Andrew Peck

Early Years

Kathryn Wilson


Kathryn McKinley

Assessment, Closing the Gaps, Marking & PP

Chris Green

Linda Fitch

Behaviour, Attendance,

Anti – bullying

Sue Dainty &

Sally Brown

Jackie Littlefair

Community Links &

Parental Engagement

Sue Dainty

Jane Wright

Curriculum & ICT

Anna Hughes


Roger Wheatley*

Higher Achievers

Anna Hughes


Andrew Peck**


*Mr Wheatley will cover Curriculum & ICT until a new Co-opted Governor is appointed.

**Mr Peck will cover Higher Achievers until a new LEA Governor is appointed.

Meet our Governors

Meet our Governors 1 Susan Dainty - Headteacher
Meet our Governors 2 Christopher Green - Staff Governor
Meet our Governors 3 Roger Wheatley - Vice Chair of Governors
Meet our Governors 4 Jackie Littlefair - Co-opted Governor
Meet our Governors 5 Kathryn McKinley - Co-opted Governor
Meet our Governors 6 Ruth Lee - Co-opted Governor
Meet our Governors 7 Andrew Peck - Co-opted Governor
Meet our Governors 8 Michelle Wenham - Clerk to Governors

Statements from our Governors - Reasons for taking on the role

Chris Green

As the new Deputy Head at Longmoor Primary School, I am extremely proud and privileged to be able to play a key role in maintaining and developing the excellent reputation that the school has amongst the local community. We have a superb and highly committed team of governors and an extremely enthusiastic, hardworking, dynamic and talented group of staff. We all share a common vision and set of goals for the school’s future and so it is a real privilege to be able to work with them all to help make our great school even better.  During my seven years as a teacher, I have taught across Key Stage 1 and 2 and been responsible for a variety of subjects including Maths, Literacy, PE and Modern Foreign Languages. Currently here at Longmoor, I am responsible for Literacy, Pupil Premium, Assessment and overseeing our wonderful School Council.


Jane Wright

The entire team at Longmoor works very hard to ensure every pupil is able to thrive in a supportive learning environment, with an aim for them to reach their full potential.  As a parent governor I want to help and support the team to achieve their aims and to promote continuous improvement for the benefit of all our children.


Kathryn McKinley

I originally became a governor when my children attended Longmoor because I wanted to be part of the team ensuring that our children got a high quality education. My children have now left but I have great respect for all that the staff, governors, other stakeholders and children have achieved over the last 13 years and want to ensure that our local school keeps it’s high standards and excellent, enjoyable education which gives it such a good reputation.


Andrew Peck

I have always tried to be on the pitch rather than the sidelines, and when I started to become a member of the school community, Jo (the then head), encouraged me to become a Co-opted member of the governors.  In my professional life I use cultural and situation so awareness to problem love and lead on projects both in and out of education and I want to use that skillset to ensure all children within our community (including my own) get opportunities to shine.


Eudora Christian

Having retired 3 years ago after working in primary education for over 25 years, education remains a passion. Being a Governor at Longmoor gives me the opportunity to use to my experience, skills and knowledge to contribute to the school community in preparing the children to be Lifelong Learners.


Ruth Lee

As a Co-opted Governor I am proud to be associated with the fantastic team at Longmoor who work tirelessly to support all children to reach their full potential. I hope to help maintain excellent standards, fab learning environment and huge range of experiences offered to our children to enhance their overall learning.


Emma Booth-Rigby - Associate Member

I’ve always loved learning, and even though my own school days are well behind me I continuously look for new things to learn about whether that’s through professional study, taking up a new hobby or simply reading a book!  I believe that a life-long love of learning stems from a high quality primary education that excites and stimulates children’s minds, raises their aspirations and prepares them for the future through development of key life skills. As an associate member of the governing body, I hope to be able to contribute to making our school even better so that all pupils love learning as much as I do and go on to realise their full potential.


Brian Heath - Associate Member

As a parent I have one priority, to give my children the best possible opportunities in life.  That’s why becoming an associate member of the governing body is really a natural extension of parenting.  I believe that for children to become lifelong learners the school needs to be a safe, fun & stimulating environment and that’s exactly what I want to ensure continues.  My personal background has afforded me many experiences and privileges which can directly benefit the current and future directions of the school governance.  I have tremendous admiration for the work already carried out by the staff and governors to date and hope to bring a different perspective in maintaining and evolving the school to benefit the wider community.


Liz Purcell

In my professional life I obtained a Masters Degree in Psychoanalysis and worked in mental health for a CAHMS team alongside being the clinical manager of a large therapy centre in Mansfield. I also trained as a Systemic Family therapist to work with families and I now work as a Family Mediator helping families sort out their child arrangements and finances post separation. My career has always focused on families and children and therefore I am delighted to be a school governor at Longmoor Primary as a member of their excellent Governing Body which works hard to ensure their children reach their full potential, feel safe and happy and I look forward to contributing towards their discussions and decisions.


Declaration of Business, Pecuniary and Personal Interests

At the present time none of the governors have declared any business, pecuniary or personal interests.

At the present time there are no governors who are related in any way to staff members of the school.


The above statements are true as of 1st December 2017