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Welcome to FS2

Mrs Lamb's and Mrs Mabbott's Moles




Picture 1 Mrs Lamb - Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Mabbott - Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Ficken - Teaching Assistant

Friday 15th June - World Cup WOW Day 

Saturday 30th June - Summer Fair

Thursday 5th July - Reports sent home

Friday 6th July - Sports Day

Tuesday 10th July - Summer WOW day

Tuesday 17th July - New class swap 

Friday 20th July - School closes for Summer holiday







Our new topic is ...


How does your garden grow?


We shall be asking the questions.....


What can we eat from the garden?

What is a minibeast and how do they help the garden?

What can you grow from a seed?

Are all seeds the same?



We will be investigating where seeds come from and what they grow into. We may even discover some magic beans for the children to imagine what might grow from them!

We will be making the most of the summer weather going out onto the school field and woodland walk to investigate the creepy crawlies we find.







Things to do and games to play


Click on the dog to play a game to test your problem solving skillsClick on the dog to play a game to test your problem solving skills.



Click on the numbers and test your skills at recognising numbers and ordering them.


Things to do at home


Foundation Stage 2

Dress and undress independently including doing up their own coat and shoes

Help to tidy up

Use the toilet and wash their hands independently

Use a knife and fork

Spend time sharing books

Talk about everyday things

Ask questions and be observant

Recognise letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make

Practise writing letters

Practise writing their own name

Identify different numbers in the environment


Phonics Screening Test

Follow the links below for games that allow children to sound out and read some real and alien (made up) words. Remember to click the back button to return to the  Longmoor website.

Reading real and alien words


- click 'free phonics play'

- click phase 5

- Choose game: Buried Treasure, Picnic on Pluto or Dragons Den

- Click phase 5 again.

Games for finding different spellings of sounds 

Other fun phonics games