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Sports Event At Derby University

On Monday the 9th of July, Mr Roper took us Harry, Emmanuela, Christian and Eleanor to Derby University for a special sports activity day.

The first activity we participated in was focused on Football. We develop our Teamwork, passing and dribbling skills. Through the session we played two games. The first of which, was a 0-0 until super sub, Harry, scored a cracker with his left foot.

Our second activity focussed upon our ability to control a balloon in the air. We started individually to developed our skills through a series of challenges. We then came together as a whole group to so that we could learn how to take control by reducing the ‘chaos’ and working as a team. 

Our last session was about sports science and we had the opportunity to visit an extremely posh laboratory full of exciting sports and fitness equipment, some of which we were able to try out. First we had to trace a star using only its reflection in a mirror. This was very confusing as to go left, you needed to go right and up was down and down was up! It took Eleanor almost 5mins it was so tricky. Next, we tested how much force we needed to produce a super high jump. Christian produced the most power and therefore, the highest jump. We then tested the strength of our grip. Christian, again, had the strongest grip. After that, we tested our aim by trying to get a bean bag into the target. Christian, Harry and Mr Roper were pretty useless at this, however, Emmanuela and Eleanor proved themselves to be quite the marksmen and generated really high scores. Lastly, we tested how flexible we were by bending over and stretching out to push a marker up a scale. Emmanuela and Eleanor were the highest scores and most flexible.