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Equality Objectives

Our Equality Objectives for 2023-2024 are:

  1. To improve the attendance rates of SEND and disadvantaged pupils to meet the agreed 95% target by the end of the academic year of 2023/24, with the exception of pupils with outstanding medical circumstances that may result in a hospital admission. (Disability)
  2. To increase the participation of vulnerable pupils accessing extracurricular activities to increase their confidence as learners, develop life skills and improve independence by the end of the academic year 2023/24.
  3. To ensure robust and secure monitoring of EAL pupils to ensure they have equal access to the curriculum, school facilities and activities. (Ethnicity and race)
  4. To monitor and analyse pupil attainment and progress by ethnicity with a particular focus on EAL and use the data to create additional support for pupils. (Ethnicity and race)
  5. By the end of 2023/24, the gender gap between disadvantaged boys and girls attainment in writing will have narrowed by 5% (Gender)