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TIDDLERS (Mrs Wilson and Mrs Bellingham)

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*** In September we have places for our 15 hour funded Nursery sessions 

Please call 0115 9733368 for more information**

Picture 1 Mrs Wilson - Nursery Teacher and EYFS Leader
Picture 2 Mrs Bellingham - Nursery Teacher and Senco
Picture 3 Mrs Edmonds- Teaching Assistant for Nursery

Our Nursery teachers are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Bellingham and teaching assistant is Mrs Edmonds. Mrs Wilson is our Nursery teacher on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Mrs Bellingham is our Nursery teacher on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.


Mrs Wilson has a little girl called Rosie who is 2 and is due to go on Maternity leave to have her second child in November. Replacing Mrs Wilson whilst she is on Maternity leave is Mrs Byard. 


Mrs Wilson started working at Longmoor school in April 2014 after relocating from Yorkshire. She is also our Early Years Foundation Stage leader and member of the schools Senior Leadership Team. 

Mrs Wilson enjoys shopping, baking and spending time with her family, especially her little girl Rosie!


Mrs Bellingham started working at Longmoor School in September 1999 after moving from Banks Road School in Toton where she worked for many years.

She is also our school's Special Needs Co-ordinator and a member of the Senior Leadership team. 

Mrs Bellingham enjoys going to the gym and playing badminton with her grown up daughters. She also enjoys going on holiday with her friends!


Mrs Edmonds has been our teaching assistant in Nursery since 2003. She enjoys knitting and also enjoys baking. Mrs Edmonds is a keen football fan and spends many of her weekends supporting her local football team!  






Longmoor Nursery Parent Leaflet

 In Nursery we learn through a play based curriculum. 


Mrs Wilson, Mrs Bellingham and Mrs Edmonds plan using the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure all children learn in a fun and exciting way. 


We pride ourselves on ensuring children feel safe, secure and are happy to learn in the environment. We work closely with parents and carers to provide the best for the children within our care.




Here is our Nursery!

Example of our class timetable:

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Summer!



Our topic this Autumn half term is..



What makes me special?



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We shall be asking the questions.....


What makes me Unique?

Who is in my family?

How do I use my sense of sight? 

How do I use my sense of touch?

How do I use my sense of hearing?

How do I use my sense of taste and smell?

What happens to me as I get older?



 We shall be settling the existing children back into Nursery and also welcoming our new children after the Summer break, recapping on our nursery rules. 

There are limited places available, so if you know anyone with a three year old who is looking for a Nursery place please recommend us and encourage them to come and look around.



We shall be using a range of texts to support our learning and also be supporting our language development by continuing singing our rhymes and songs. Please see our planning on the Nursery notice board to find out what we shall be covering each week.



We shall be promoting our British Values in Nursery this term by learning to use our manners and share equipment with our friends. We will also be learning about how British people celebrate special events like birthdays and Fathers day.




Our Medium term plan provision and activities are planned in order to develop your child's skills and deepen their learning. If you require information about recent plans and your child attends our Nursery then all planning is displayed in a paper format on the Nursery notice board.


Dates for your Diary..


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3rd September - Inset Day

4th September - Back to school

26th October - Break up half term

5th November - Inset Day

6th November - Back to school






If your child attends our Nursery we may be entitled to extra funding called Early Years Pupil Premium. All parents  will receive a form when their child starts Nursery to fill in and to check their eligibility.


Please see the leaflet below and/or our nursery staff for details, Thank you for your support.


DCC Extra Funding for your child leaflet