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Cookery Club Wednesday 3.30 - 6pm

Mrs Smith ans Mrs Allcock run three courses during each year. 10 children are invited to attend for 5 weeks. Each week the children prepare, cook and best of all eat a two course meal. Every week one of the staff is invited as a guest. I have been a couple of times but I have noticed that Mr Dilks tends to be a regular visitor! You'll see what a great guest he is form the photographs.
The children learn lots of valuable skills and many go home and cook the same meals for their parents. School is about preparing for all aspects of life and this club certainly develops many skills for the future.
Ruhbarb crumble was on the menu one week, grown in our very own allotment, how wonderful is that.
A huge thank you goes to Mrs Allcock and Mrs Smith for their hard work for giving the children further opportunities here at Longmoor.
I'm already looking forward to the menues for next term.
The sausage casserole was delicious!
This will start again in the October.

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Please click to view 1 A Super Meal.10/10
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Please click to view 8 The community of preparing food.