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Longmoor Curriculum Overview

Our Challenge Curiculum encourages a climate for young people to explore how to apply their knowledge in original ways and with purpose. We have recently revised the our curriculum to ensure that standards in writing are being improved by using exciting literature through science. The units ensure that there is a huge focus on working scientifically as well as dealing with the specific science knowledge for a particular year group.


For example, in Year 4 the use of excellent quality text like 'The incredible book-eating boy' is central to the science unit dealing with the digestive system. In Year 3, the excellent book 'The street beneath my feet' is central to the science unit on 'rocks'.

The units help teachers to improve pupils' writing through science but still hold on to the statutory requirement for science and ensures that pupils' grammar, punctuation and vocabulary is being challenged. 

We are committed to providing quality and excellence through an exciting, stimulating environment that stretches and develops the child as a whole and to provide an education which will develop social skills and encourage children to become more active citizens within the school community and beyond. 

Tell me and I forget,
Show me and I remember,
Involve me and I understand.

The Challenge Curriculum aims to: 

•Provide a broad and balanced curriculum. 
•Build up children’s confidence and motivation to learn through the use of a range of learning and teaching styles. 
•Embed key skills in order to prepare children for real-life and everyday situations. 
•Provide opportunities to apply knowledge and learning in practical ways. 
•Provide a creative approach to planning and delivery that will incorporate and embed key aspects of the National Curriculum especially Literacy and Computing. 
•Provide enrichment opportunities where learning and teaching can take place beyond the classroom. 
•Develop Excellence and Enjoyment. 
•Support the Every Child Matters Agenda. 
•Shape our curriculum to meet the needs of our children.
•Stimulate our children’s natural curiosity and to give them the confidence to be curious. 
•Allow our children to take risks. 
•Teach skills through what interests our children – Essential Learning. 
•’WOW’ experience at the beginning of every theme will enable teachers to follow what inspires their pupils.
•Involve our children in decision-making about their learning, allowing children choice and independence. 
•Closely monitor and assess progression in attainment.

Learning Challenge Curriculum 2014

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Please click to view 1 The Groovy Greeks
Please click to view 2 What's the Matter?
Please click to view 3 What's in Shrek's Swamp?
Please click to view 4 Who's Been Eating My Porridge?
Please click to view 5 Is There Anybody Out There?
Please click to view 6 Is Everyone's Weather The Same?
Please click to view 7 The Vile Victorians
Please click to view 8 The Vile Victorians
Please click to view 9 Out and About
Please click to view 10 Foundation Stage
Please click to view 11 My Family
Please click to view 12 What Makes Me Special
Please click to view 13 America
Please click to view 14 Who First Lived in Britain?
Please click to view 15 Who First Lived in Britain?
Please click to view 16 Who Am I?
Please click to view 17 Who Am I?
Please click to view 18 Art
Please click to view 19 Islam
Please click to view 20 What Do I Know About Me?
Please click to view 21 What Do I Know About Me?
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