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DUCKLINGS (Mrs Wilson and Mrs Byard)

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*** We have places for our 15 hour funded Nursery sessions 

Please call 0115 9733368 for more information**


**There are limited places available, so if you know anyone with a three year  old who is looking for a Nursery place please recommend us and encourage them to come and look around.

Picture 1 Mrs Wilson - Nursery Teacher and EYFS Leader
Picture 2 Mrs Byard - Nursery Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Edmonds- Teaching Assistant for Nursery

Our Nursery teachers are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Byard and our teaching assistant is Mrs Edmonds. Mrs Wilson is our Nursery teacher on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays and Mrs Byard is our Nursery teacher on alternate Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Mrs Wilson started working at Longmoor school in April 2014 after relocating from Yorkshire. She is also our Early Years Foundation Stage leader and member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Mrs Wilson enjoys shopping, baking and spending time with her family, especially her children Rosie and Ollie.


Mrs Byard started working at Longmoor School in October 2018 as maternity cover for Mrs Wilson. In her previous employment Mrs Byard was a SENCO in Derby City Council and Key Stage 2 teacher. 

Mrs Byard has two children Kai (11) and Maisie (4) . She co-runs a playgroup in the local area and likes to walk her dog in the countryside.


Mrs Edmonds has been our teaching assistant in Nursery since 2003. She enjoys knitting and baking. Mrs Edmonds is a Brownie leader and a keen football fan. She spends many of her weekends supporting her local football team!  






Learning from Home

Welcome to our Learning from Home page. Our nursery children are always learning...they don't stop when they get home (you may have noticed!)


This week, Mrs Byard has tried..

  • Making costumes. We made a ghost costume out of a big t-shirt and made a mask to match. If you don't have crafts at home, just look through your wardrobes and accessories to make whatever your child imagines! 
  • Keeping recycling boxes and cartons of milk to set up a shop. This can be used to practise counting (pennies or lego - anything works!) or recognising coins (each item can be the value of a particular coin) and also practising shop etiquette eg 'How much is this?' and using our manners.
  • Completing pages in a phonics and maths workbook we bought from Amazon. Choose age 3-5 or 4-5 depending on the age and ability of your child.
  • Making an obstacle course in the garden. We used plant pots to zig-zag in and out of, a step-ladder for climbing up and a bucket of water for lifting amongst other things!
  •  have a free login as well this month. It's brilliant for learning phonics through playing fun games. 


General tips for learning at home...

  • A timetable or routine is a good idea but make sure it fits in with your family life. For example,  Mrs Byard a long walk or bike ride every day at 11 before lunch to walk the dogs and get some exercise!
  • Read stories, discussing what is happening and what might happen next. Ask children to join in with familiar phrases and notice letter sounds such as those that appear in their name.
  • Enjoy mark-making or writing letters, making crafts and playing with play doh to develop finger muscles.
  • Develop gross motor skills through play on climbing frames, making obstacle courses to move under, over, along etc. 
  • Practise counting objects - food, toys etc and try simple additions or subtractions.
  • Point out numbers, letters, shapes and familiar words at home and out and about.
  • Talk as much as you can with your child, asking questions about what they are doing and using the correct words for objects to develop their knowledge. Children learn from how the adults in their lives relate to each other and the people around them - they use this as a model for their own relationships and ways of communicating.


Below is a list of useful websites that we use in nursery:  - lots of Early Years maths games to develop counting and recognising numbers as well    as shape and symmetry knowledge. - a wealth of resources covering everything from pencil control, cutting skills, colouring pages, maths, crafts and knowledge of the world and more! - Brilliant kids' themed yoga videos such as Hoppit the Hare! These are great for developing core strength and concentration. - Search for 'Do you Know' or other informative programmes such as Andy's adventures or Go Jetters. - this is a link to the Early Years Statements to give parents and carers and idea of where there child is at and what the next steps are for each area of learning.


Longmoor Nursery Parent Leaflet

 In Nursery we learn through a play based curriculum. 


Mrs Wilson, Mrs Byard and Mrs Edmonds plan using the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure all children learn in a fun and exciting way. 


We pride ourselves on ensuring children feel safe, secure and are happy to learn in the nursery environment. We work closely with parents and carers to provide the best for the children within our care.




Here is our Nursery!

Example of our class timetable:

Welcome back!

We hope you had a lovely half term. 



Our topic this Spring half term is..



How does your garden grow?




We shall be asking the questions.....

What do plants need to grow?

What is a minibeast?

How do we care for our garden?

What can we eat in our garden?

Who visits our garden?

What is Easter all about?





We shall be using a range of texts to support our learning and also be supporting our language development by continuing singing our rhymes and songs. Please see our planning on the Nursery notice board to find out what we shall be covering each week.



We shall be promoting our British Values in Nursery this term by learning to be a good friend and looking after our Nursery resources. We will also be learning about how British people celebrate Pancake Day and Easter. 




Our Medium term plan provision and activities are planned in order to develop your child's skills and deepen their learning. If you require information about recent plans and your child attends our Nursery then all planning is displayed in a paper format on the Nursery notice board.


Dates for your Diary..


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Wednesday 18th March - Hungry Caterpillar Day

Friday March 6th - dress up for World Book Day

Tuesday March 24th - Parent consultations

Thursday March 26th - Parent Consultations






If your child attends our Nursery we may be entitled to extra funding called Early Years Pupil Premium. All parents  will receive a form when their child starts Nursery to fill in and to check their eligibility.


Please see the leaflet below and/or our nursery staff for details, Thank you for your support.


DCC Extra Funding for your child leaflet


WHISPER - Anonymous Reporting Tool


Sometimes it is really hard to tell an adult if you feel like you are being bullied. That is why we have subscribed to WHISPER. It is an anonymous reporting tool which allows you or your child to report any incidents of bullying and cyber bullying in confidence.


Click on the web link below to fill in a report. It will then be emailed to Miss Hughes (Online Safety Coordinator). Messages are checked as often as possible. In order to resolve issues effectively and promptly, please include your name. This will be kept in the strictest of confidence.


If you have any concerns or worries about your child regarding online safety and would like further advice, please contact Miss Hughes or Mr Lyons, the school's online safety co-ordinators or speak to Mrs Dainty, Headteacher.