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ECO Club

ECO Club Wednesday Lunchtime

At Eco Club the children have engaged in a range of fun and educational activities including;

• going on a wildlife hunt to explore plants and wildlife living within the Longmoor grounds
• digging on the allotment
• planting seeds to take home and water
• discussing our ideas about creating an ‘Eco – friendly’ environment and creating classroom posters. 

A massive 58 children signed up for Eco Club which takes place every Wednesday lunchtime! Miss Mills and the Eco Elub members are very enthusiastic about creating an eco-friendly environment.

We will be making ladybird hotels, digging, planting and watering on the allotment and encouraging others to care for our school.

We will encourage others to recycle and reuse and we will be making a bag out of a recycled t-shirt and creating pieces of art using bottle tops!

Here are some of the comments from the children about the Eco Club:

“Eco is all about saving water, electricity and looking after plants and creatures.” Jamie Leivars 

“Let’s help and feed the insects at Longmoor, don’t kill them!” Kye Carpenter

“I like Eco Club because we want to help insects and plants!” Bayleigh

“I have only been in the Eco Club for two weeks and I love it already! I am really looking forward to going onto the allotment.” Jasmine W

“I like Eco Club because I enjoy digging in the allotment and caring for the insects at Longmoor” Hannah Belsey

“I go to the Eco Club because I love nature!” Abigail Fitch

“I like the Eco Club because I love gardening and keeping Longmoor looking clean. We can do this by not littering!” Elener Sturdy