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Meet the Governors

Mrs Jane Wright - Chair of Governors

Message from our Chair of Governors:

The entire team at Longmoor work very hard to ensure all pupils are able to thrive in a supportive environment, with an aim for each of them to reach their full potential.  I stood as Parent Governor as I wanted to help and support the team to achieve their aims.


As a Governing Body, we are dedicated to ensuring the pupils at Longmoor Primary School receive the best education possible.


Working alongside the teaching and support staff, we are committed to continually improve the teaching and learning experience of our children, and to ensure all pupils receive a broad, balanced, creative curriculum. 


Each term, Governors are required to attend full governing body meetings and also to participate in one of the sub committees that feed into the main governing body.  We currently have two committees that, between them, concentrate on the leadership and management of the school, achievement and standards, and the development and well being of our students. The Governing Body adopt, review and monitor a range of policies that govern the operation of the school including Health and Safety, Behaviour, Curriculum, Performance Management and Pay Policy.


Each governor also has a link to a class/es in school and meet with the class teacher to monitor progress, celebrate success and discuss curriculum. There is also a link to a curriculum area (e.g. literacy, numeracy) or school policy (e.g. assessment, child protection) so that governors are kept fully informed and these are reported back to the full governing body.


The Governing Body has seen Longmoor grow from strength to strength and is very proud of the achievements of the school and believe that along with the Headteacher, staff, pupils and parents we are working to ensure all children fulfil their potential and become lifelong learners.


Mrs Jane Wright - Chair of Governors



The school has 12 Governors and a Clerk to the Governing Body.

All governors have voting rights on the committees on which they sit.

Associate members do not have voting rights.


Appointment of Governors

Headteacher is appointed in the statutory conditions of employment.  

Staff Governor is elected by school staff.

Parent Governors are elected by school parents. 

Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body.

Local Authority Governor is selected and appointed by the Local Authority.

Associate Members are appointed by the Governing Body.


Current Governors - Term of Office and Attendance



Date of Appointment

Term of Office

Full Governor Meetings Attended

2021 - 2022

Full Governor Meetings Attended

2022 - 2023

Mrs Susan Dainty




Mr Brian HeathCo-opted Governor30.01.20194 Years4/61/1
Mrs Kathryn McKinleyCo-opted Governor17.03.20194 Years4/61/1
Mrs Jackie LittlefairCo-opted Governor27.11.20194 Years6/61/1

Mrs Jane Wright


Co-opted Governor 29.01.20204 Years5/61/1
Mr Mike PerkinsParent Governor13.03.20204 Years5/61/1
Mr Chris GreenStaff Governor27.09.20214 Years5/61/1

Mrs Carol Hall 

Co-opted Governor


4 Years

Dr Sarah KhanCo-opted Governor 29.11.20214 Years4/41/1

Mr Roger Wheatley


Co-opted Governor25.04.20224 Years5/61/1
Vacant LEA Governor 4 YearsN/ANA
Mrs Tracy KendrickParent Governor28.09.20224 Years


Mrs Michelle WenhamClerk to Governors01.09.2013N/A6/61/1


Previous Governors - Stepped down in last 12 months



Date of Appointment

Date Term Finished

Full Governor

Meetings Attended


Full Governor Meetings Attended 


None in last 12 months.     


Governance Roles within other Educational Institutions 

Mrs McKinley is also a Governor at Ladycross Infant School

Dr Khan is also LEA Governor at Dallimore Primary and Nursery School

Mr Wheatley is also a Governor at Chilwell School



Governor Sub – Committees 2022-2023



Teaching, Learning & Community Committee

(Curriculum, SEND, Home/School & Community Links, Monitor Exclusions & Attendance)


Mrs Dainty, Mr Green,

Mrs Littlefair, Mrs Kendrick

Mr Perkins, Mrs Hall, Dr Khan



Resource Management Committee

(Finance, Personnel, Health & Safety, Premises)


Mrs Dainty, Mr Green, Mrs Wright,

Mrs McKinley, Mr Wheatley, Mr Heath




 Governor Responsibilities 2022 - 2023



Member of Staff


Safeguarding, Child Protection, Children in Care & Health & Safety

Mrs Susan Dainty

Mr Roger Wheatley

SEND & Inclusion

Mrs Paula McLeod

Mrs Tracy Kendrick


Pupil Premium & Higher Achievers


Mr Chris Green

Mrs Jane Wright

Behaviour & Attendance

Mrs Susan Dainty

Mrs Jane Wright


Curriculum – EYFS



Mrs Tina Chibbaro

Mr Bunhejee

Miss Hughes


Early Years

Mrs Tina Chibbaro

Mrs Kathryn McKinley


Literacy –Writing – KS2

                Reading – KS2

                Writing – KS1

                Reading and Phonics – KS1    

Miss Sarah Smith / Miss Sara Layland

Miss Hughes / Mr Gallen

Mr Bunhejee

Mrs Rachael Spilsbury / Mr Johnson

Mrs Jane Wright


Miss Karly Wood / Miss Jenny Lewis


Mr Brian Heath


Mr Stuart Roper

Mr Brian Heath


PE / Commando Joe

Miss Alison Wright & Mr Jack Welbourne

Mrs Jackie Littlefair



Mr Ben Lyons


Mr Roger Wheatley


PSHE, Anti-bullying & SRE

Mrs Holly Colley / Miss Rafaella Daniel

Mrs Jane Wright



Ms Claire Hastings

Mr Mike Perkins



Mrs Gemma Howell

Mr Mike Perkins


Art & D.T

Miss Sian Lewis

Mr Roger Wheatley



Mrs Louise Mabbott

Dr Sarah Khan



Mrs Rachel Hamer

Dr Sarah Khan



Miss Chloe Mills

Mrs Jackie Littlefair



Mr Chris Green

Mr Brian Heath


School Council and Community Links

Miss Jo Voce

Mrs Jackie Littlefair


Forest Schools & Outdoor Learning

Mr Jamie Slee

Mrs Carol Hall


Mental Health and Wellbeing


Mrs Susan Dainty

Mrs Carol Hall



Meet our Governors

Statements from our Governors - Reasons for taking on the role


Chris Green - Staff Governor

As the Deputy Head at Longmoor Primary School, I am extremely proud and privileged to be able to play a key role in maintaining and developing the excellent reputation that the school has amongst the local community. We have a superb and highly committed team of governors and an extremely enthusiastic, hardworking, dynamic and talented group of staff. We all share a common vision and set of goals for the school’s future and so it is a real privilege to be able to work with them all to help make our great school even better.  During my seven years as a teacher, I have taught across Key Stage 1 and 2 and been responsible for a variety of subjects including Maths, Literacy, PE and Modern Foreign Languages. Currently here at Longmoor, I am responsible for Literacy, Pupil Premium, Assessment and overseeing our wonderful School Council.


Jane Wright - Co-opted Governor & Chair

The entire team at Longmoor works very hard to ensure every pupil is able to thrive in a supportive learning environment, with an aim for them to reach their full potential.  As a parent governor I want to help and support the team to achieve their aims and to promote continuous improvement for the benefit of all our children.


Roger Wheatley – Co-opted Governor & Vice Chair

I have worked in Educational IT for over 35 years, installing some of the first computers in schools in the country. Since then I have seen many changes in education but the dedication of school staff never seems to change. Both of my children started in the nursery and went right through to Year 6 at Longmoor and now in Years 8 and 10, they are reaping the rewards of a solid foundation in schooling. I am committed to seeing that all pupils have a balanced and positive experience throughout their education wherever their strengths or weaknesses may lie and hope that my small contribution as a governor can help provide this.


Jackie Littlefair – Co-opted Governor

Everybody’s lives have been touched by education at some point. I believe education is the foundation of our lives and schools play a huge part in exposing kids to the many different life paths out there. As a school governor, I believe I am helping to shape future citizens of our community. I work as a Teaching Assistant at Longmoor, therefore I am lucky enough to see the positive impact the decisions we make as a governing body have on the pupils of Longmoor Primary School.  That’s a big part of the reason why I became a governor. It is both interesting and rewarding. With every difficult decision you make, you know you’re affecting real people, and helping to make positive change.


Kathryn McKinley - Co-opted Governor

I originally became a governor when my children attended Longmoor because I wanted to be part of the team ensuring that our children got a high quality education. My children have now left but I have great respect for all that the staff, governors, other stakeholders and children have achieved over the last 13 years and want to ensure that our local school keeps it’s high standards and excellent, enjoyable education which gives it such a good reputation.


Brian Heath - Co-opted Governor

As a parent I have one priority, to give my children the best possible opportunities in life.  That’s why becoming an associate member of the governing body is really a natural extension of parenting.  I believe that for children to become lifelong learners the school needs to be a safe, fun & stimulating environment and that’s exactly what I want to ensure continues.  My personal background has afforded me many experiences and privileges which can directly benefit the current and future directions of the school governance.  I have tremendous admiration for the work already carried out by the staff and governors to date and hope to bring a different perspective in maintaining and evolving the school to benefit the wider community.


Carol Hall - Co-opted Governor

You may recognise me as Mrs Hall from the school office, and you’d be right.  I have previously served as a Parent Governor at The Long Eaton School for 3 and a half years.  In that time, I have helped to make decisions, sometimes difficult, concerning the pupils and staff.  The wellbeing, safety and education of the pupils has always been of paramount importance, and that’s why I chose to become a Governor for Longmoor Primary.  Having attended this school myself (many moons ago), I know first-hand, that Longmoor is a fantastic school, and I hope to draw on my experiences as a Parent Governor, to ensure that Longmoor provides your child with the best educational start they deserve.  I feel both proud, and privileged to serve on this Governing Board. 


Sarah Khan – Co-opted Governor

My professional background is in education, and although my formal education and training have prepared me to engage in educational research, it is my interaction with my children that has given me the greatest insight into children’s learning. Longmoor Primary is special to me because I have three children who have enjoyed every single day they have been at this school. I appreciate the dedication of all the staff members at Longmoor Primary, and I feel I have a bond with the school, the staff, and some of the parents I know in the local community. As a governor at Longmoor Primary, I want to contribute to the work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ to debate and suggest valuable ideas that can be carried forward to make learning enjoyable, meaningful, and measurable.


Tracy Kendrick – Parent Governor

My childrens' (and your child’s) education is extremely important to me. As a mum to a child who has additional educational needs it is important to me that parents and school work together to achieve the very best outcomes. I understand this sometimes means challenging a school’s view and I know as a parent this cannot always be easy but by being a parent governor, I am hopeful you will feel confident in approaching me for any advice or support you may need.


My professional background involves working for children’s social care, family support and I am currently a Student Support Manager at Wilsthorpe School. I have a good understanding of the pastoral system and what parents expect from a school, but also the increasing pressures that schools face due to funding cuts and growing pressure to meet government targets. I opted to be a governor as I feel Longmoor Primary School are determined to provide the very best foundations for your children and I want to be a part of this exciting journey.


Mike Perkins - Parent Governor

Having worked in secondary education for some 6 years before moving to work in further education, I have witnessed many great achievements of the education system.  Now, having our son at Longmoor, it has highlighted the importance of early years education in preparing young people ready for those years ahead. I am proud to be involved with the governors and Longmoor.  I am keen to ensure that we all, parents, governors and staff, remain committed to giving every student the very best start available in life and starting them on the path to the many great things they are all capable of.


School should be fun, challenging, nurturing and rewarding.  It is my belief that Longmoor achieve this and many other great things every single day.  I hope to assist in whatever way possible to ensure this continues. I have been extremely lucky to have been afforded opportunities to progress, now it is time for me to pay that forward to the future generations and help afford others similar opportunities.

Declaration of Business, Pecuniary and Personal Interests 2022/2023

Mrs Wright (Chair) and Mr Wheatley (Vice Chair) have declared that they are family members.  


Mrs Wright (Chair) and Mr Wheatley (Vice Chair) have declared that a family member is the founder and owner of The Imperial Decorating Company, who have undertaken decorating and refurbishment work at Longmoor. They have not been involved in any decision making regarding the appointment of Imperial Decorators. 


Mr Heath, Associate Member, is the Data Protection Officer for Longmoor Primary School, employed through GO2 Consulting Services.  He is also an employee of Konica Minolta, who previously held the school's photocopying contract until June 2023.  The contract was agreed several years prior to Mr Heath being employed by them. 


Mrs Kendrick is Student Services Manager at Wilsthorpe School, to which Longmoor is a feeder school. 


Mrs Littlefair, Co-opted Governor, is a staff member at Longmoor Primary School. 


Mrs Hall, Co-opted Governor, is a staff member at Longmoor Primary School. 


No other business, pecuniary or personal interests declared at this time.


At the present time there are no governors who are related in any way to staff members of the school.


The above statements are true as of 30th June 2023