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A Lad in Trouble

A lad - in - Trouble - Longmoor Primary School Upper Junior Musical based on the pantomime, Aladdin - July 15th 2010

Review by Mr D Allen (School Governor.)

I have just spent a brilliant afternoon at Longmoor School in Long Eaton watching their end of year show. It was fantastic and I think one of the best I have seen for a very long time. It was an updated version of the traditional story of Aladdin and his lamp.

What I saw on stage was a cast of enthusiastic and confident children who were singing, acting, dancing and moving for the sheer pleasure of performing. Their faces lit up when they came on stage and when the audience showed their appreciation.

There were some brilliant individual performances from many and I am sorry that I don't have your names but you were all fantastic.

I was very impressed by the quality of the singing which was exceptionally good. The songs in this particular show were very catchy and many of the lyrics were very witty. There were some quite expected awful jokes but they were delivered well and received the appropriate groans from the audience. That, of course, is the essence of Pantomime.

The costumes and make up were good too and the boy who played Widow Twankey was very well made up and sported an ample chest much to the delight of us all. He played the part very well.

Aladdin had a lovely voice, a twinkle in his eye and was a good actor. His Princess also sang very well and, much to the delight of the audience at the end, they left the stage arm in arm. Both their faces were a picture while doing this I can tell you!!

The role of the baddy, Abanazar, was played powerfully and yet amusingly by a great little actor who had a good sense of comedy timing. He delighted us every time he came on stage with his voice and his amusing gestures. He certainly commanded the stage when ever he was on.

The Genie of the lamp was great and rapped his way through the show. What a mover he was especially when he was given a "blow up" air guitar.

There were many more cameo parts that I haven't time to mention but well done to them all.

The music was on a CD but I was impressed by the skilful way that two Year 6 boys kept that moving and in the right places. The production was very smooth and the children came on and off the stage from all directions with no fuss and at the right time.

The scenery enhanced the show and was painted, I believe, by a member of staff. Very attractive it was.

This was a classy production and I am sure a huge amount of work went into it both from the children and members of staff to make it of such high quality.

I particularly enjoyed the final song and the finale. That was sung and danced brilliantly. This was followed by well deserved enthusiastic and sustained applause from the packed school hall.

Thank you for inviting me and I look forward to your next show. However, for the Year 6's this is their last performance as they are moving on to secondary schools after the Summer Holidays. Good luck to them all in the future. I am sure that many will continue to perform as they grow up.

Well done everyone. This was a splendid production in all respects.