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Erewash South Schools Swimming at West Park Leisure Centre

Mr Bunhejee and Mrs Dainty had a fantastic time at the swimming gala on Thursday 6th April. We took 11 enthusiastic year 4, 5 and 6 boys and girls to West Park Leisure Centre. They were all a little nervous before the races but excited about the competition. The boys were Reece from year 6, Ruben and Ashton from year 5 and Logan and Oliver from year 4. While the girls were represented by Holly H and Holly L from year 6, Isabel, Paige and Ella from year 5 and Hope from year 4. All races were over 25 metres and the team swam really well. After some fantastic performances it was announced that Longmoor had finished 3rd out of 6 schools. 1st Shardlow, 2nd Harrington, 3rd Longmoor, 4th Dovedale, 5th Ashbrook Junior, 6th Cloudside. A superb effort. A particular mention must go to Holly H who won her breast stroke race and Paige who finished 2nd in the Butterfly race. Thank you to Mr Slee for helping with transporting the children and all the parents who came along to support the children, from what I hear we certainly had the loudest support team! Full results are listed below:

  1. Girls Front Crawl 3rd
  1. Girls Front Crawl 4th
  1. Boys Front Crawl 4th
  1. Boys Front Crawl 5th
  1. Girls Backstroke 3rd
  1. Girls Backstroke 3rd
  1. Boys Backstroke 3rd
  1. Boys Backstroke 3rd
  1. Girls Breaststroke 3rd
  1. Girls Breaststroke 1st
  1. Boys Breaststroke 4th
  1. Boys Breaststroke 4th
  1. Girls Butterfly 2nd
  1. Girls Butterfly 4th
  1. Boys Butterfly 5th
  1. Boys Butterfly 4th
  1. Girls Front Crawl Relay 3rd
  1. Boys Front Crawl Relay 4th
  1. Girls Medley Relay 3rd
  1. Boys Medley Relay 5th