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Gold Mathletics Awards at Longmoor.

Gold Mathletics Awards at Longmoor.


Harriet and Alyssa in Year 4 are the first children to receive a ‘GOLD’ Mathletics award at Longmoor.

They have each completed 134 activities on line. Alyssa has scored 18,800 activity points and been online for over 14 hours, while Harriet has scored 12,710 points and done over 7.5 hours online.

The junior children have completed over 310 hours on line, scoring 267,320 activity points with a total of 1,041 sign ins during the last 4 months. This is a fantastic effort by all the children.

Keep up the hard work practising those maths questions.

Who will be the third child to achieve the GOLD standard!!??