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KS2 Dodgeball Festival at Wilsthorpe 28.1.19

On Monday the 28th January, Miss Edwards and Mr Roper were lucky enough to take 11 children to a Dodge Ball Festival held at Wilsthorpe. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to have a taster of the sport and learn and develop new skills, including; throwing - overarm, underarm and chest passes. Catching – eyes on the ball, hands ready to catch and pulling the ball towards the their chest. And, of course, Dodging! The children (and teachers) had a great time at this event and their behaviour was exemplary and they did a fantastic job representing Longmoor. However, Leah and Gabby seemed to have the most fun by throwing the balls at Mr Roper!

A big well done to all our Dodge Ball Superstars – Beila, Kaydon, Tayler, Karla, Dylan, Christian, Gabby, Leah, Frazer, Maria and Emmanuela!