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River Dance

Mrs York worked with Year 3 and 4.

Mrs York (Dance and Drama teacher at Friesland School) worked with Mrs Clayton's and Mr Roper's classes to design and perform a dance all about rivers, as part of their water topic.

After two sessions of working on the project, Mr Roper's class invited me to watch the performance. Our Year 3 children were amazing. They showed through dance, the journey of the river, from source to mouth. It was lyrical and beautifully performed.

Mrs York was complimentary about the children and Mr Roper has already booked her to come and work with us on our Olympic project for the summer term - it will all be about carnival in Rio. I can't wait.

As always I was proud of our children and staff.

A huge 'thank you' goes to Mrs York, who we look forward to welcoming back in June and July.