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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

On Friday 20 March 2015, the whole of the UK will be treated to a partial eclipse of the Sun. These are quite rare, and this one will be a major event. That morning, the Moon will pass right in front of the Sun, blotting out up to 90% of its disc. The Sun will look like a crescent instead of a disc, and there’ll be various other things to look for.
However, it is extremely dangerous to just go out and look up. The Sun is so bright that just looking at it can blind you, so you’ll need to prepare beforehand. There are various ways to observe it safely, using both everyday materials and telescopes or binoculars. So read this leaflet to find out what will happen and how you can see all the stages of the event.

Please see the leaflet about viewing the eclipse safely at the bottom of our welcome page.

Enjoy this natural phenomenum!