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Talented PE Event


Talented PE Event.


On Monday 11th of July, Mr Roper took us (Dylan, Ruben, Paige and Megan) to Derby University for a Talented PE Event.

We arrived at 10am and our first activity was Badminton. This session was to improve our skills for the game and we learned that in order to play the game well, we need to communicate with our team members, don’t rush in to shots and to concentrate and watch the shuttlecock; at all times. It was great fun!


Our next activity was Assessing our Health, Strength and Flexibility. We took part in a number of tasks including: Assessment of Flexibility, Grip Strength, ‘Star Tracer’ to assess hand-eye coordination, ‘Spot jumping’ to assess our agility and finally an assessment of lung function; to see how strong our lungs are.


At lunch time, Ruben led us to the centre of the rugby pitch, where we had our packed lunch. We were having a lovely time until a wasp scared Mr Roper and we had to go back inside!!! Poor Mr Roper.


In the afternoon, we took part in two further activities to test our speed and power. First, we took it in turns to run as fast as we could for ten metres, which was recorded using a special laser stop watch. Dylan ran it in 2.1 seconds, Paige in 1.9 seconds, Megan in 2.0 seconds and Ruben in 2.0 seconds.

Next, we tested our power by jumping using different strategies to see how high we could jump.


We had a fantastic day and enjoyed the experience very much.

We would love to go again.


Paige, Dylan, Ruben and Megan