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The Chicks Return to the Farm.

Eggucation comes to Longmoor.

In March the Nursery and Reception children have enjoyed working with Eggucation,  a company who bring in to school, eggs from rare breed chickens in an incubator, for the children to learn about new life.

It was very exciting on the 19th March, as the fist chick began pipping (breaking out of their shell.)

Over a couple of days all 6 chicks hatched in reception and the same in nursery. They were wobbly to begin with. The children talked constantly about their new arrivals.

All of the chicks went home with Mrs Roberts for the weekend, then back in to school on Monday, so that the children could watch them grow.

The reception children named their chicks  Gammy, Happy, Scarlet, Flappy, Coffee and Jessie. This was democratic, as all of the children chose a name and they were drawn out of a hat.

It was such a brilliant experience that Mrs Bellingham has already booked for next year.