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Writing Conferences in Year 5 and 6.

Writing Conferences in Year 5 and 6


We have been working incredibly hard to help our children to improve their writing. One of the best ways is to have personalised writing conferences 1:1. This way the children can focus on what they need to include to up-level their work. It is very successful.

Have a read of the following piece of writing, I'm sure you'll be impressed.


'Tugging at the ice cold, metal lock on the gigantic steel door, the small, furry orang-utan attempted to make a break for freedom. Irritated and annoyed, all the other orang- utans screamed and shouted at him to stop all of the noise. On the outside he took no notice of them, (however on the inside he was paralysed with sadness that they were all yelling at him.) Some people were watching the orang- utan trying to break free; whilst others were watching the infuriated apes.'

Written by Nathan - Year 6


This piece of writing was inspired by a photograph.