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Golden Mathletes 2019-20

Harry and Evie - first of the new year 20.9.19
Jake - third golden mathlete of the year 1.10.19
Raiya - fourth golden mathlete 25.10.19
Deni - fifth golden mathlete 19.12.19
Harry - second time golden mathlete 17.1.20
Joseph - seventh golden mathlete 17.1.20
Evie - second time golden mathlete 7.2.20
Scarlett and Adam 13.2.20
Lilith and Meriel 28.2.20

Times Table Rock Stars - Most Improved Each Term 2019-20

Autumn 1 - Jayden in Doves improved from 6.82 seconds per question to 1.67 seconds. Cameron-Lee in Ravens improved from 7.14 seconds per question to 1.48 seconds. The biggest improvement was by Abby who improved from 17.65 seconds per question to 5.31 seconds

Maths Day 2nd July 2019

Children across the school enjoyed a fun filled Maths morning. Using the school grounds teachers and children did a variety of activities, including; Angle Hunt, What's the Capacity? Ball Sports Carousel, Crack the Code and Awesome Orienteering. Thank you to all the infant and junior parents who joined us to take part in the Maths fun! There was a lovely feel around school and the children seemed to be enjoying their outdoor learning.

Times Table Rock Stars 2018-19

Golden Mathletes 2018-19

New National Curriculum 2014 Programmes of Study Y1-6

New National Curriculum 2014 Overview Maps for Mathematics Y1-6

Maths Statement of Intent

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