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Overview of the Month

Black History Month 2021!


On Friday 1st October, the children will listen to an assembly based on Black History Month. They will be introduced to why we celebrated Black History and they will also be told the different things we will be doing to celebrate Black History month.


On the week commencing the 4th October, each class will pick an inspirational person to create a research project on. This could be a famous sports person, a tv presenter, an artist and many more!


On the week commencing the 11th October, we will be celebrating the annual harvest festival. We want to tie this in with Black History Month, therefore in school each class will be trying different foods from different countries. 


On the week commencing the 18th October, each class will be completing a piece of literacy work based around the Martin Luther King speech 'I have a dream'. There will also be lots of exciting activities happening this week! To finish this week and the half term, the children will have one final assembly to celebrate the month and what they have learnt.