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Year 5  Key Knowledge and Vocabulary

on Earth and Space

Ideas for Home Learning


  • Create a poster displaying your knowledge of Earth and Space
  • Create a vlog that demonstrates your Earth and Space knowledge
  • Research the phases of the moon and display the phases in a creative way (Oreos work well)!
  • Create a model of the solar system
  • Create a news report (paper or video) based on the Apollo 11 landing on the moon.
  • Create a fact file all about the planets in the solar system


Design Your Own Experiment

Plan an investigation like you would at school:

  • Come up with questions to answer, eg, 'How Do Shadow Lengths Change During The Day'
  • Make a prediction, eg, 'I predict that shadows will get longer as the day goes on
  • List the variables/things to keep the same, eg, 'Measure in the same place using the same object, but change the time by measuring every hour'
  • List equipment, eg,'Measuring tape, Chalk to draw around the shadow'
  • Results could be in a table
  • Concusion, eg, 'The results show that the later we measured...'