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Commando Joe


My name is Commando Joe and I will be working at Longmoor Primary School every Thursday from 22nd September 2016.


I will be working in partnership with the staff here to help them improve not only academic performance but also to build self-confidence, teamwork, leadership, character and resilience.


Commando Joe’s highly trained and experienced instructors work with all pupils, regardless of physical, academic or social abilities.  Outstanding leadership is demonstrated and then developed in the young people through new approaches to learning that are set beyond the traditional classroom.

We have already spent a great amount of time with the key members of staff to develop a programme of activities unique to Longmoor Primary School. This means that what we have planned will work effectively across the whole range of abilities the pupils have – from those who need encouragement to perform above expectations to those who may be gifted and talented.


You can find out a little more about what we do by visiting our website www.commandojoes.co.uk or simply have a word with me when you drop off or collect your child from school.


Commando Joe Profile


Name:  Commando Joe

Lived: Sherwood, Nottingham.

Primary School: Leasowes Juniors, Stafford.

Secondary: Walton High, Stafford.

Joined Army in: 2003.

Regiment: The Royal Army Veterinary Corp.

Served: 12 Years.

Military Qualifications: Class One Dog Trainer / Instructor, PTI (Physical Training Instructor), Advanced Search, Combat Team Medic, much more. 

Commando Joe’s Qualifications: Safeguard & DBS checked, Ptlls, adolescent PT, Level 3 PT, first aid.

Favourite Food: Tuna Pasta Bake and Sunday Dinner.

Favourite Drink: Strawberry milkshake.

Favourite Activities: Football, Tennis and Snowboarding.

Loves: Family & Fitness.