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PE at Longmoor Primary School

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At Longmoor Primary School P. E. makes a vital contribution to each child’s physical development, health and well-being. Whilst also helping to develop social skills, team work and self-confidence.
PE activities are designed to be challenging and enjoyable and through the PE scheme of work, children are also made aware of the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.


Sports Relief 2018


For Sports relief we completed a charity day where the children walk/jog/ran for 20 minutes and danced for 2o minutes. It was a very active day for the children in which they were left very tidied and ultimately satisfied with some excellent physical activity. Well done all. Thank you everybody for your sponsorship pennies, we are still counting up all of the money.

After School Clubs at Longmoor!


Children at Longmoor love to get active afterschool - therefore our sporting clubs are always a huge success!

Over the year, we offer a wide range of different clubs across KS1 and KS2. We like to encourage our children to try something new so we ensure that our clubs offer a wide variety of sports and activities.


Here are the clubs that we have running this half term:



Monday: KS1 Gymnastics

Tuesday: Multi sports
Wednesday: Soccerstars
Thursday:   Ks2 Gymnastics
Friday: Football


Monday: KS1 Gymnastics

Tuesday: Dodgeball
Wednesday: Soccerstars
Thursday: Ks2 Tennis
Friday: Street Dance

Spring 1 CLUBS!

Monday: KS1 Dodgeball 

Tuesday: Dodgeball
Wednesday: Soccerstars
Thursday: KS2 Yoga
Friday: KS2 Archery 

Spring 2 CLUBS!

Monday: KS1 Tennis

Wednesday: Soccerstars
Friday: KS2 Archery 
Summer 1 CLUBS!

Monday: Early Years/Ks1 Football with Mr Johnson 

Tuesday: KS2 Cricket with Mr Slee 

Wednesday: Soccerstars Y3-6

Thursday: KS2 Major Oaks Fencing Club 

Friday: KS1 Major Oaks Fencing Club  

Winter Olympics curling competition.


The whole school this week took part in a Curling competition, each class took turns as part of their indoor P.E. slot to chase gold. The classes were split into four teams and were given their own nation from the Games. The total score for each country was collated to make a medal table.


The results are in;


1 Kenya   60 LM
2 Kyrgyzstan   50 SL/RS
2 Moldova   50 JS
2 Pakistan   50 SS
2 Canada   45 SS
3 Argentina   40 LM
3 France   40 SS


Unbelievable performance from FS2's Moles who took Gold.



Keep an eye out for our next whole school competition which is basketball/handball.  


At Longmoor we take part in as many sporting competitions as we can. It is always a pleasure to see our children get stuck into competitive sport! The children always show excellent levels of enthusiasm and teamwork skills.  We also take part in sporting festivals which provide great opportunity for children to try something new and learn new skills.


Here are some of our upcoming sporting events:

12th April 

Swimming Gala 

West Park Leisure Centre 


22nd May


Kirk Hallam


24th May

Young Sports Ambassador and Girl Can meeting



21st June 

Year 2 Multi Sports 




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Daily Steps Pedometer Challenge!

In order to encourage our learners to be more active during break and lunchtimes, we have been running a whole class daily steps challenge using pedometers to count our steps.  The classes in KS2 have been taking it in turns to use the pedometers for a week at a time - they really have been getting lots more steps everyday!!


Keep going with those steps everyone!! 


Miss Mills and her 'Girl Can' committee have done lots of work over the past school year in order to raise the profile of sport and physical activity for girls.


Over the year, the committee have met regularly to discuss how girls are involved in sport at Longmoor and how we can continue to promote and encourage girls sport physical activity.


Miss Mills organised some 'Girl Can' training through the partnership team. This was a great opportunity for the girls to get some ideas flowing and to really understand the purpose of the committee. They looked at lots of female role models, female sporting legends and considered the barriers to girls and sports. They played lots of fun team building games and considered ways we could include these during lunchtimes.


The Girl Can team met with Miss Mills where we came up with our school motto - 'Like a girl, this girl can!'

They then presented an assembly to the school where we discussed the term 'running like a girl' and shared our motto with the whole school.  They also invited the children in KS2 to take part in a Girl Can poster competition.


Read below to find out more!


2018-19 Sports Teams

2018-19 Sports Teams 1 Wilsthorpe 7 aside team 2.10.18 Erewash Qualifiers
2018-19 Sports Teams 2 Wilsthorpe Cross Country Team Y2-6 4.10.18
2018-19 Sports Teams 3 Wilsthorpe Cross Counry Team Medal Winners 4.10.18
2018-19 Sports Teams 4

Get involved with sport in our local area!

  • Erewash Valley Gymnastics Club - for all ages and abilities. Oaklea Mills, Oakleays Road, Long Eaton, NG10 1FQ. 0115 972 6070 or find them on Facebook.
  • Gymnastic Classes at Sandiacre, Friesland Sports Centre - 01159 490400. Website: Email:
  • Coached activity programme at West Park Leisure Centre (3:45 - 4:45pm), for 7-12 year olds, £2.50 per person - for more information and registration form (or collect forms in school).
    • Monday: Racquet Sports.
    • Tuesday: Multi Sports.
    • Friday: Football
  • Long Eaton Swimming Club. 07580013491. Email: Website:
  • Long Eaton United's Future Blues for 4 and 5 year olds, weekly training every Saturday morning 9:15-10:15 at Grange Park, Long Eaton. Contact, 07894 502803.
  • Stanton Ilkeston Football Club - players wanted! Girls aged 9-11. All abilities welcome. Training Friday 5pm-6pm at Kirk Hallam Community College. Contact Christie on 07976 412523 for information.
  • Family membership to Erewash Health Club - swimming, health club, golf and other activities. Up to 5 people for £1 per day (£365 per year) if at least one member of the family is 14-17 years old:

For more information about local clubs and activities, visit 


Top 10 Tips to get your child moving. Have a look it's simple.

Derby University Talented PE Event.

Derby University Talented PE Event. 1
Derby University Talented PE Event. 2
Derby University Talented PE Event. 3
Derby University Talented PE Event. 4
Derby University Talented PE Event. 5
Derby University Talented PE Event. 6

Our two sporting boards keep the children up to date with what is happening with sport at Longmoor.

                                          Our two sporting boards keep the children up to date with what is happening with sport at Longmoor. 1 Inspiring children with a visit from Jo Jackson.
                                          Our two sporting boards keep the children up to date with what is happening with sport at Longmoor. 2 Longmoor and Sport. Find out more...........
                                          Our two sporting boards keep the children up to date with what is happening with sport at Longmoor. 3 Longmoor and Sport 2015.
                                          Our two sporting boards keep the children up to date with what is happening with sport at Longmoor. 4 The Rugby World Cup 2015.
                                          Our two sporting boards keep the children up to date with what is happening with sport at Longmoor. 5 Sports Board July 2016
                                          Our two sporting boards keep the children up to date with what is happening with sport at Longmoor. 6 The Road to Rio 2016

Year 5 children learning how to lead sporting activities for lunchtimes in the summer term. Sign up for the rota and be a leader for sport in our school.

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