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Assessing Without Levels


At Longmoor Primary School we have core principles that underpin our effective assessment systems within our school.  The Government does not impose a single system for ongoing assessment so, as a school, in consultation both locally and nationally, we have agreed our procedures for formative and summative assessment.  We assess pupils’ progress against national standards and the curriculum, which was revised in 2014.


Our expectation is to demonstrate, with evidence, assessment of pupils’ progress throughout the year and report this to parents.  Through data analysis, this will enable our governors to make judgements about the school’s effectiveness.


Our core principles:


  • Use formative and summative assessment to make judgements on progress and attainment of national standards.

  • Assessment is an on-going process that informs planning, teaching and learning on a daily basis.

  • Feedback (verbal and written) to pupils contributes to improving learning and is focused on specific and tangible targets.

  • Book scrutinies and moderation (in school and with local schools) are used as a means to ensure consistency of high expectations, analysis of progress and to improve practice.

  • Through assessment, early intervention can be provided to support pupils who have SEND, those pupils who are at risk of or are falling behind, disadvantaged pupils and those pupils who are excelling and can be challenged further.

  • Assessment information is collated and analysed to show strengths and areas of development, which feeds into our school development plan. This is reported to governors throughout the year.

  • Data is analysed and tracked internally as well as nationally, ensuring we are in line with, or above, national averages.

  • There is regular feedback to parents on the progress and attainment of their child throughout the year. This is through parent consultations and end of year reports.