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Meet Gurdeep: Our Curriculum Character for Geography!


Gurdeep loves anything to do with Geography – maps, pictures, the weather,  natural places and man made sites. He would like you to know there are two different types of Geography which are human and physical.


Gurdeep wants to encourage you to use words that describe different things in connection with Geography – continents, capital cities, names of rivers, seas, mountains, and to be able to describe the weather in different areas of the world and some features of different places.

Geography at Longmoor


At Longmoor, the children learn about Geography as part of our challenge curriculum, through a range of topics which are designed to stimulate a love of learning and develop independent learning skills.

Through this curriculum, children are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the location of globally significant places, including their physical and human characteristics. 

As far as possible, we endeavour to include as many practical experiences through fieldwork, both in the immediate school vicinity and further afield, and the children are encouraged to become competent in the geographical skills needed to: 
• collect, analyse and communicate a range of data 
• interpret a range of sources of geographical information, including maps, diagrams, globes, and photographs 
• communicate geographical information in a variety of ways, including through maps, diagrams, plans, and writing at length. 
There are some Geography resources online, which are accessible from home, to support your child in their own research.


Geography Statement of Intent

Geography Policy

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