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Meet Rupi: Our Longmoor Curriculum RE Character



Rupi enjoys learning about all of the different religions throughout the world – Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism and how some people believe in different ideals like Humanists or Atheists.


Rupi wants to see you learn all about different special days, celebrations and stories that each religion enjoys.  Most importantly, Rupi knows that we have to learn about other religions so we can appreciate that people have different ideas and that we can all share these together.

RE at Longmoor


The aim of religious education at Longmoor Primary School is to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and intellectual development of children. We help the children to develop moral and spiritual values, respect and tolerance, which enables them to appreciate and understand religions, cultures and ways of life different from their own. The children reflect on what it means to have a faith and to develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding. This is achieved by encouraging children to explore and respond to these aspects of religion and draw upon their own experiences. We help the children learn about religions as well as from religions and to have respect for other people’s views and celebrate the diversity in society. We plan our religious education curriculum in accordance with the Derbyshire LEA’s Agreed Syllabus.

Each term, in addition to the core syllabus, we have an R.E day to enrich the children’s’ learning, where we look in depth at a single religion or world view. Over the year we cover the most popular world religions.

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