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Friends are important and everyone needs them.  A good friend will share special times with you, listen to you and look after you.  A friend is someone you can talk to, work with, play with and giggle with.  Some people have one special friend and some people like lots of friends.


Sometimes friends fall out for a little while.  It is normally over something silly, but it can normally be sorted out, sometimes between friends and occasionally with the help of other people.  Everyone falls out with people at sometime and as long as both people say sorry it can be forgotten. 


Friendship Fixers are children who can help you if you do have a falling out with your friends.  They will help you to share your point of view, listen to each other and find a solution to move forward.  You can find a friendship fixer on the playground every day.


Sadly though, sometimes people are unkind to people more than once.  If this happens to the same person, several times, we call this bullying.  This is very different to having a little argument or disagreement every now and then.  If you see this happening to someone, or it is happening to you, tell an adult in school or at home straight away.  That way we can make sure it stops and it doesn't happen again.  You will find some posters to help you at the bottom of the page if this is something you need help with.