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Longmoor Primary School is a 14 class primary that serves approximately 400 pupils in full-time education plus a 52 place Nursery Unit mainly for part-time pupils aged 3 to 4 years, from Long Eaton, Sandiacre and the surrounding area. The day starts at 9am and finishes at 3.30pm. 

Below is a link to our most recent Ofsted report. 



Mission Statement


“We are a happy, nurturing school at the heart of our community where learning and well-being for all is promoted.  Our approach is to combine high quality, enriching experiences to engage, stimulate and motivate all learners. We encourage everyone at Longmoor to unlock the potential that lies within.”


Vision Statement


Our goal, at Longmoor, is to equip our children with the skills and mindset to flourish for life.


Through our values, we empower everyone to be:


Kind – to show care and consideration.

Respectful – to show concern and regard.

Ambitious – to show desire and determination.

Responsible – to show co-operation and honesty.

Curious – to show interest and positivity.

Brave – to show resilience and courage.


Learn, Achieve, Grow



Assessing Without Levels


At Longmoor Primary School we have core principles that underpin our effective assessment systems within our school.  The Government does not impose a single system for ongoing assessment so, as a school, in consultation both locally and nationally, we have agreed our procedures for formative and summative assessment.  We assess pupils’ progress against national standards and the curriculum, which was revised in 2014.


Our expectation is to demonstrate, with evidence, assessment of pupils’ progress throughout the year and report this to parents.  Through data analysis, this will enable our governors to make judgements about the school’s effectiveness.


Our core principles:


  • Use formative and summative assessment to make judgements on progress and attainment of national standards.

  • Assessment is an on-going process that informs planning, teaching and learning on a daily basis.

  • Feedback (verbal and written) to pupils contributes to improving learning and is focused on specific and tangible targets.

  • Book scrutinies and moderation (in school and with local schools) are used as a means to ensure consistency of high expectations, analysis of progress and to improve practice.

  • Through assessment, early intervention can be provided to support pupils who have SEND, those pupils who are at risk of or are falling behind, disadvantaged pupils and those pupils who are excelling and can be challenged further.

  • Assessment information is collated and analysed to show strengths and areas of development, which feeds into our school development plan. This is reported to governors throughout the year.

  • Data is analysed and tracked internally as well as nationally, ensuring we are in line with, or above, national averages.

  • There is regular feedback to parents on the progress and attainment of their child throughout the year. This is through parent consultations and end of year reports.


For full information about our assessment procedures, which includes formative and summative assessment, please see our new Assessment Policy (September 2015) and Assessment - Parent Information below.



Our Challenge Curriculum encourages a climate for young people to explore how to apply their knowledge in original ways and with purpose.

We are committed to providing quality and excellence through an exciting, stimulating environment that stretches and develops the child as a whole and to provide an education which will develop social skills and encourage children to become more active citizens within the school community and beyond. 

Tell me and I forget,
Show me and I remember,
Involve me and I understand.

The Challenge Curriculum aims to: 

•Provide a broad and balanced curriculum. 
•Build up children’s confidence and motivation to learn through the use of a range of learning and teaching styles. 
•Embed key skills in order to prepare children for real-life and everyday situations. 
•Provide opportunities to apply knowledge and learning in practical ways. 
•Provide a creative approach to planning and delivery that will incorporate and embed key aspects of the National Curriculum especially Literacy and ICT. 
•Provide enrichment opportunities where learning and teaching can take place beyond the classroom. 
•Develop Excellence and Enjoyment. 
•Support the Every Child Matters Agenda. 
•Shape our curriculum to meet the needs of our children.
•Stimulate our children’s natural curiosity and to give them the confidence to be curious. 
•Allow our children to take risks. 
•Teach skills through what interests our children – Essential Learning. 
•’WOW’ experience at the beginning of every theme will enable teachers to follow what inspires their pupils.
•Involve our children in decision-making about their learning, allowing children choice and independence. 
•Closely monitor and assess progression in attainment 

Click on the Challenge Curriculum Policy below for further details.

Personal Injury Claims

The school is part of Derbyshire County Councils insurance scheme and any claims against the school should be directed to the county council electronically using the Claims Notification form and e-mailed to

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Private School Fund

Governors approve the receipt of The Private School Fund Audited Accounts and these are available, if you should wish to view them.