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Computing and Online Safety

Meet Carter: Our Longmoor Curriculum Computing Character



Carter loves his IT.  Whether it is programming, using an IPAD, mobile phone or laptop, Carter recognises that IT is part of our world and it has so many uses.


He knows that online safety is so important and wants to emphasise that you should keep all personal details safe and follow lessons you have each term.  He knows that games and messages to friends are fun but that everyone needs to be safe online.


In school he wants you to become confident with using all the different technology and to become experts in programming and use a range of software.


Computing At Longmoor

Vision and Aims

Our aim is to become an "e-confident" school where ICT is integrated effectively in the planning, teaching, learning and assessment of all areas of the Curriculum. Our goal is to generate pupils who are independent, confident and responsible users of ICT in order to prepare them for life in an increasingly ICT rich world. We aim to further develop the potential ICT has upon teaching and learning, thus making a significant impact on both our pupils and staff.


ICT prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technology. Pupils use ICT tools to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information responsibly, creatively and with discrimination.


Our aims are:

  • To encourage children to develop positive attitudes to ICT and to understand its importance and relevance to today’s world.
  • To enable children to acquire a broad range of ICT capabilities and to be confident about using a range of hardware and software.
  • To enable children to develop ICT as a tool for learning and investigation in all subject areas.
  • To use ICT to encourage children to work co-operatively, taking responsibility collectively.
  • To use ICT to develop independent ways of working which encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions.
  • To set ICT tasks which require flexibility of mind and open mindedness in problem solving.
  • To provide a balanced range of progressively more difficult tasks which will develop children’s understanding in Communicating and handling information, Controlling, Modelling and Monitoring.
  • To demonstrate the correct use of a variety of ICT equipment.
  • To ensure a balance of ICT activities are carried out in a range of contexts.
  • To provide opportunities for children to explore the use of Technology.
  • To set aside time for discussion of children’s experience of using ICT, both in and out of the classroom.

Our Computing Curriculum


Our computing curriculum uses the Switched on Computing scheme from Rising Stars as its basis. Written for the new curriculum, Switched on Computing offers creative units using the latest free software in a format that is designed for teachers of all levels of experience to pick up and use. 


  • Covers the new Programme of Study for computing, including programming and computational thinking
  • Delivers clear progression of skills from Year 1 to Year 6
  • Supports teachers of all levels of experience with software demos and detailed step-by-step planning
  • Embeds e-Safety to ensure safe and responsible use of technology





Computing Statement of Intent

Computing Displays