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Our Summer Term religion focus was Buddhism.

In FS1 the children made payer bracelets out of pasta. They talked about how different religions use prayer.

FS2 enjoyed the story of the Buddha and learnt the different symbols of Buddhism. The children loved making the Lotus Flowers.

In KS1 the children listened to the story of the Buddha and then sequenced pictures of the story. They had great fun acting out the story to the rest of the class. The children learnt about the symbols of Buddhism and the 4 noble truths. The children then designed and made a lamp.

KS2 Children used the laptops to research and find out about the holy book, beliefs, symbols and festivals. They were then challenged to create a PPT or poster to show their learning. They also created a geometric mandala.

At the end of the day the children enjoyed a Buddhism assembly hosted by Mrs Mabbott. Each class shared their learning with the rest of the school.