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Homework in Year 5


It is a very good idea to get into the habit of completing homework effectively. This is good preparation for when you go to secondary school as you will have a larger amount of homework from different subjects and teachers to complete. Completing homework will also consolidate what you are learning in lessons too and will reinforce your understanding and knowledge.


Homework Timetable in Year 5



                              Given Out by Teacher                 Latest Day to be Handed In  
Spellings          Monday Test on Friday
Literacy Tuesday Friday
Numeracy Friday Tuesday


You should also be reading your school reading book to an adult and writing it in your homework diary. Once a reading book has been completed, a quiz is taken to check understanding and it can be changed. Always aim for 100% on quizzes!


Miss Wood's Spellings Year 5






Literacy Homework


Click on the link below to view the Literacy homework for this half term. You will notice that this is in the style of a Nandos food menu. Nandos is a restaurant famous for its chicken dishes varying in strengths of hotness! The Peri-ometer suggests the difficulty or challenge the homework may offer. This may also result in you spending a little bit longer completing the given task. You must complete one task of your choice every week and hand it in to be marked every Friday. Whilst you can choose which tasks you complete and in what order, you must choose at least one hot and one extra hot task over the half term.

Don't forget that you can also choose how you present your work. You can include work completed on the computer, make Powerpoint presentations, create artwork, drawings, photographs, models etc.

Maths Homework