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The National Quiz - Round 1.

The General Knowledge Inter-School Quiz  Championship 2015-2016.


Miss Hughes has been training a number of children for the National Quiz. One lunch time a week they have been practising and learning a host of new information. The team was eventually chosen  and Dylan, Jaime, Ruben and Kirsten had successfully gained a place.

On Thursday 25th February Miss Hughes, Mrs Menzies and several parents and a grandma drove to Gayton Primary School in Derby.

There were 12 teams and it was a hotly fought competition. At one point Longmoor were leading and our supporters were very vocal in their encouragement.

By the end Longmoor had 1325 points but the winner had 1930 point. This appears like a huge difference but some questions were worth 100 points, so actually we got very few questions wrong.

Fernwood Primary School were the winners and will now go through to the next round.


Well done to all of the teams, especially Longmoor who came 5th.


The finals this year will be held at the Houses of Parliament.


Well done to the whole team, I know that Kirsten would love to do it all over again.